Blue Key Cures Hepatitis C In The Bahamas

Blue Key works with Dr. Kevin Bethel of Freeport Family Wellness Centre to cure patients infected with Hepatitis C who cannot afford treatment options where they live. Patients are treated with the generic versions of Hepatitis C  medications for 60%-90% less than identical medications available in the United States while enjoying a vacation in one of the most beautiful places on earth: The Bahamas!

3 Easy Steps And Your Cured

  1. Medical Appointment
    Medical Appointment
    Dr. Bethel will meet with you in his clinic to review your diagnosis and medical history ensure that you are receiving the best medication for your Hepatitis C treatment. Dr. Bethel's warm demeanour and high level of training has made him a hit with Blue Key clients.
  2. Travel Planning
    Travel Planning
    Blue Key's team will book your appointment with Freeport Family Wellness Centre to meet Dr. Kevin Bethel. Following confirmation of your appointment we will help you schedule you travel to The Bahamas.
  3. Hepatitis C Medication
    Hepatitis C Medication
    Following consultation: Dr. Bethel will give you a prescription and dispense the best Hepatitis C medication for your genotype. Hepatitis C treatment is very simple: Patients receive 84 tablets that are taken once daily until completion.
I Want to be Cured

Blue Key's Process: Get to The Bahamas and See Dr. Bethel

I Want to be Cured

Dr. Kevin Bethel

2017: Awarded Doctor of the Year in Grand Bahama 

1999: Launches Freeport Family Wellness Centre 

1999: Completes Medical Residency at Baylor College of Medicine

1996: Completes Medical Degree in Family Medicine at McGill University

Blue Key operate in partnership with Dr. Kevin Bethel of Freeport Family Wellness Centre in Freeport Bahamas. We are committed to curing the Bahamas of Hepatitis C.

More About Dr. Bethel & Team 

Blue Key Success Story

I was recently diagnosed with Hep C through a routine blood test, which was a shock to both myself and my family.   I immediately sought out treatment but being retired with no drug plan, my current insurance denied me any coverage.  I found Blue Key on-line and was sceptical but I had no other options.  I booked a vacation to The Bahamas immediately following my first phone consultation with Blue Key’s very knowledgeable and helpful staff, The accommodation, recommended by Blue Key, was terrific and the level of service and professional care I received at their clinic was as good as anything I have received in the US. Having now been cured of my disease I can live out the rest of my life in peace. My  family and I are thankful for this opportunity and want to thank Dr. Bethel and his staff for saving my life. We would recommend anyone who can’t afford US prices for medication let Blue Key help you go to The Bahamas for your HCV treatment.
David Smith, Texas
​Blue Key's Guarantee
Blue Key guarantees treatment success. We only use the best available medication for your genotype with expected cure rates for our treatment with Hepatitis C tablets of 99% .  In fact, we have not had a single patient who completed treatment that has not be cured of Hepatitis C.   

Blue Key will provide you with a second course of treatment free of charge should you not achieve Sustained Virologic Response (SVR / be cured of HCV) after completing treatment for Hepatitis C at Freeport Family Wellness Centre.

Blue Key Success Story
Two months following treatment my wife had bloodwork scheduled and all of a sudden we got very worried. The anxiety was overwhelming. What if the medication didn't work? What would we do? I called John at Blue Key and right away he reassured me: He told me not to worry because the treatment is 99% effective but if it didn't work they would treat her again. Three days later we got the bloodwork and my wife's blood was clear of Hepatitis C! She is completing the medication but we already know it has worked. John and Curtis are the best!!

DC, Florida

Blue Key's HCV Treatments

Please compare prices below for our different treatments and decide which medication is right for you!   Blue Key offers the best (most-effective) HCV antiviral medications that cost a fraction of US prices.  We are able to treat every genotype of Hepatitis C with a daily pill regimen that is taken for 84 days using generic versions of cutting edge HCV treatments. Over 99% of patients are cured following one course of treatment.  Prices and expected cure rates are presented below for our treatment options.   
Blue Key offers all major payment options for our patients.  For more information on what is the best Hepatitis C medication for you please click the button below to view our full pricing page. It has details on which is the best HCV treatment for your genotype.

What is the Total Cost? 

Please contact us to be cured of Hepatitis C. You're just a click away from being cured. We guarantee it.
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